Dario Laganí  and Marí­a León win the Eurostars Berlin Photography Award

The Italian photographer Dario Laganí  and the Spanish artist Marí­a León, both based in Berlin, are the winners of the Eurostars Berlin Photography Prize, organized by this hotel from the German capital coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. They are two photographic triptychs of great artistic and historical quality; Laganí  gets 2,500 euros for first prize and Leon gets 1,000 euros for the Hotusa Group Prize.

The photographic triptych presented by Dario Laganí  (Naples, 1977) shows the top of three symbolic buildings in the German capital (House of World Cultures, the dome of the Frankfurt Gate and the Jewish Museum) bonded through a single view of a mottled sky of clouds. Laganí  explains that «the triptych is part of a project I have called ‘Berlin by the clouds’; I perceive Berlin, not as a city of permanent residence, but as a place to arrive where reinvent yourself and where to find a new path. Here in Berlin is possible. Clouds, constantly moving, constantly changing, represent these movements of the people who come to the city, who find their soul and their inspirations, and one day just leave.»

Marí­a León (Mérida, 1984) is a multidisciplinary artist graduated in Fine Arts. She explains that «given the competition rules, Berlin in motion, I sought to reflect in a picture past and present of the city. I bought old postcards on a market and broke into pieces; then I matched these pieces with the actual place.»

MARíA LEí“N, Premio Grupo Hotusa
MARíA LEí“N, Premio Grupo Hotusa

In this first edition of the competition, which enjoyed the cooperation of the Embassy of Spain in Berlin, there have been a total of 80 photographic triptychs from many European countries. Apart from the two main winners, there have been 8 runners-up: Rita Bello, Jesus Rodriguez, Kevin-Michael Eason, Carlos Rodrigo Balsalobre, Miquel Planells, Gema Sánchez, Fernando Sáez and Sara Fraile. They have won a free night for two people at the Eurostars Berlin. The winning images may be used for the interior decoration of the Eurostars Berlin hotel or other establishments run by Hotusa Group.

The jury has been composed by Gloria Minguez (cultural attaché of the Embassy of Spain in Berlin), Brigitte Werneburg (culture, Die Tageszeitung) Kirsten Johannsen (visual artist) and Abigail Lopez (representative of Hotusa Group).

Located by the Bundestag and the Museum Island, the Eurostars Berlin Luxury Class has become, since its inauguration in 2011, one of the landmark hotels in the German capital. It has 221 rooms, 900m2 for events and fitness center with indoor pool. The hotel organizes in the main lobby regular exhibitions of artists based in Berlin.

Hotusa Group manages six hotels in Germany, three in Munich, two in Berlin and one in Regensburg.

These are the images awarded in this first edition of the Eurostars Berlin Photography Prize